Here’s How Music Improves Our Health

Music enhances the health of our body and mind in many different ways. In fact, if you are ailing, it can help you heal faster. Music is also balm for an ailing soul. Many people know this and you know it too. That is why you have been listening to music when you are stressed to make you feel better. However, most likely, you do not know the scientific explanation why music has such a positive effect on your health.

Music has also been used for centuries in many rituals in different parts of the world. It has been used widely in African, Chinese, ayurvedic and other ancient medicines. If there is something that has been consistent in human lifestyles in different civilizations, it is music. But it was only until recently that people science figured out how music can help in healing.

Releases the feel-good hormones

listening to music

Today, researchers say that in some instances, music has been more successful in healing than the medicine itself. In neurology, it has been discovered that listening to music of a good sounding acoustic guitar enhances the release of dopamine, a feel good hormone and that the music touches every brain center, leaving you feeling happy and positive. This positivity enhances your overall healing and shortens the time in which you heal.

Music can help lower the level of the stress hormone – cortisol. Actually, it does that by enhancing the release of the feel good hormones like dopamine, which we have discussed above.

Healing starts in the mind. If you start feeling good on the inside, healing starts immediately and within a short time, positive results start being manifested.  

Music has also been shown to have a positive effect when it is played in the delivery room. It calms everyone down, both the mother to be as well as the midwives. This has to be music without the fast tempo or the loud instruments.

Reduce the level of pain

senior listening to music

Did you know that music can reduce the level of pain? Well, that is right. While it is not exactly and obliterate-all pain balm, it was found in a study that people suffering from musculoskeletal pain exhibited more healing symptoms when they were assigned to listen to music than people who were not assigned to listen to music.  

People who were slated to go for surgery of the spine can be asked to listen to the music of their choice the night before the surgery. They can listen to the same music up to the 48 hours after the surgery. Study has shown that music lessens the level of pain experienced.

A memory dose

studying with music

Because music has been shown to help in the release of dopamine, well, this hormone has been associated with helping in learning and in remembering things – memory. You might be surprised to see teenagers listening to music as they study and then claim that it helps them remember things better the following day.

It has also been shown among stroke patients that listening to music improves mood, orientation and to some extent, it may also bring back cognitive function.

All of the scientific studies that have been carried out to establish the effect of music on health have come out positive. So we can only say live long music, a universal language that everyone understands.